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At Kaizen Health we strive to constantly improve community access to healthcare by providing a logistics hub for both provider and patient. That means developing a process and the technology to relieve the administrative burden from provider and financial burden from the patient so they can both focus on the healing and treatment plan.

Kaizen Health is dedicated to developing the technology and process to improve the healthcare experience for all involved, increasing access to patients and giving back valuable staff hours to healthcare providers.


How it works


Patient ready to be discharged from the ER


Care Coordinator sets up follow up clinic appointment


Care Coordinator schedules ride to/from clinic appointment and for discharge from ER


Patient sent reminder of upcoming ride


Patient confirms they will be home for the ride


Driver picks up patient and takes them to their appointment

Diversified Fleet


Vehicles with infant/child car seats of all stages

Small buses

Non-emergency ambulances

Medicars/Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Courier Services

Kaizen Health has a performance-based network of transportation providers which can accommodate the needs of any patient.

Customer Segments

Healthcare systems



In home healthcare

Senior Living

We partner with leading organizations across the health care value chain to drive measurable results in resource utilization, quality of care, and patient/member engagement.

How We Stack Up

kaizen health Rideshare Medical Broker Medical Transportation Network
Healthcare focused performance-based fleet for healthcare check check
Curb to curb service check check check check
Door to door service check check check
Bed to bed service check check
HIPAA compliant check check check
EHR integrations check
Healthcare system and payer focused model check
Platform for all transportation providers to utilize check
Woman owned business check

The Team

Sam Aljazi

Manager, Transportation

Bryan Butler

Creative Director

Brittney Carter

Client Success

Megan Hannagan

Senior Manager, Client Success

Jason Jernberg

Senior Developer

Andre Johnson

Client Success

Hannah Lester

Tech Intern

Tony Navickas

Director, Client Development

Dana Ringer

Senior Director, Business Development

Gillian Robinson

Manager, Program Management

Diba Rowhani

Manager, Operations & Communications

Brandon Rufer

Manager, Business Development

Deven Tatum

Senior Director, Business Development

Mary Warrick

Software Developer

Diana Wells

Client Success



Network Development

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Software Developer


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